MVVM Pattern – A Consolidation of Resources

I am just getting started with the MVVM Pattern.  I have been accumulating information that is starting to spill over. I figured it was time to consolidate the information into a post.


Model-View-ViewModel Pattern


Introduced in 2005 by John Gossman, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern enables loose coupling between the view, its related code, and the model, resulting in increased testability, flexibility, and maintainability of the application.

Jason Dolinger, Senior Engineer at Lab49 has an excellent presentation (1hr 30min) on the evolution of building MVVM applications from a classic WinForms perspective to using MVVM as well as a blog post that contains links to the original source code for the presentation.

In his presentation, Jason ignores the ‘Model’ component of the MVVM pattern. Josh Smith and Craig Shoemaker‘s MVVM video for WPF addresses the relationship between the Model and ViewModel (as well as other things).


Additional Resources



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