Adventures in Installing Adventureworks Database on SQL Server 2008 Express

I was wasting plenty of time trying to get the AdventureWorks Database Samples installed on SQL Server 2008 Express this afternoon. The problem was, 1) that the Full-Text Search service does not install via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, 2) FILESTREAM was not installed, 3) MSI installer for AdventureWorks Database Samples failed fast and wouldn’t install the databases.
  1. Uninstall SQL Server 2008 Express installed by the Microsoft Web Platform Installer and, instead, download Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services and install it as per this SQL Server Development Center Forum thread (this installer gives you a LOT more options than the web install!!!). Though, in hindsight, I figure I could have likley simply installed Cumulative update package 2 for SQL Server 2008 as per the FIX: Full-text search functionality does not work in SQL Server 2008 Express Edition article. I did not test just installing the cumulative update. YMMV
  2. Folow the instructions from the How to: Enable FILESTREAM MSDN article (this option can be enabled during the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services).
  3. Because the installer failed, (see fail messag below) I downloaded the zip file and edited the install<X>db.sql script located in the folder of each of the different databases you can install. The things I had to edit:
    • :setvar SqlSamplesDatabasePath (line 39) (to "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL10.SQLEXPRESSMSSQLDATA")
    • :setvar SqlSamplesSourceDataPath (line 40)  (to "C:<unzip folder>ToolsSamples" e.g. "C:tempadventureworksToolsSamples")

           Then I ran the script from the command line by executing sqlcmd -S <machine name>SQLEXPRESS -i instawdb.sql

Adventureworks successfully installed… finally!


AdventureWorks Installer Fails:

  1. After selecting database instance, the next button is not enabled until you select the database instance, then click back, then click next to come back to this screen.

     2. And then receiving the ended prematurely dialog with the gracious opportunity to finish with no further information.


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