Cursory Look at WPF Control Suite Vendor Offerings (Part 1 of 2)

I conducted an investigation into WPF control suites for my client. I was graciously permitted to present the information I was able to drum up from the different vendor’s websites. 

Apology: Live Spaces has a size limit for their blog posts ("This entry contains too much text. Please remove some text, and then publish this entry. To publish more text, add a new entry.") so I had to publish this in two posts. Vendor Suites in next post: Infragistics, Syncfusion, Binary Mission, Nextwave.



Product: Studio for WPFOnline Demo

Includes: Chart, Gauges, Grid, HyperPanel, MaskedTextBox, NumericBox, RangeSlider, Reports,Scheduler.

Licensing :  

  • Per developer @ $1100 USD – Source code is NOT included or available for WPF control set.



Product: RadControls for WPFOnline Demo

Includes: Calendar, Carousel, Chart, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DatePicker, Docking, Drag & Drop, Expander, Gauge,GridView, Masked Textbox, Numeric Up/Down, OutlookBar, PanelBar, ProgressBar, Scheduler, Slider, TabControl,TileView, TimePicker, ToolBar, TreeView, Window.

Licensing : 

  • Per developer @ $999 USD – Source code included in the Developer License with Subscription and Priority Support option. (@ $999 USD /developer)


Product: WPF Studio for WPFOnline Demo

Includes: Bar Code, Data Grid, Docking and MDI, Editors, Guage, Navigation, Property Grid, Ribbon, Syntax Editor,Wizard, and Shared Library

Licensing :  

  • Per developer @ $649 USD for first and 10% off for each additional license up to 8 licenses
  • Site License @ $4,999 USD | Organization License @ $9,999 USD
  • Option to add source code (Blueprint) to any of above options for $1499 USD
  • Renewals of Per developer License @ $389 USD for first and 10% off for each additional license up to 8 licenses


Product: Xceed Ultimate SuiteOnline Demo

Includes3D Views, DataGrid (professional), DataGrid (standard), Editors, Glass Theme, Media Theme, Office 2007 Theme, Professional Themes
Licensing : 

  • Per developer @ $999.95 USD
  • Per developer with Updates @ $1499.95 USD
  • Per Developer Source code included (Blueprint Edition) @ $1,999.95 USD
  • Renewals Per developer 1 year vanguard @ $599.95
  • Renewals Blueprint Edition @ $999.95



Product: DevExpress WPF Product LineOnline Grid Demo

Includes: Data Grid, Charting, Toolbar-Menu System, Dock Windows, Printing-Exporting Library, Data Editors, Navigation Pane, and Carousel.
Licensing : 

  • DXperience WPF Edition : 
  • DXperience Enterprise Edition (with source code) : 
  • DXperience Universal Edition (with source code) : 
  • Automatically receive all updates for those products which you are licensed under a given subscription

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