Application Wanted

Ten digit dialing and roaming are a PITA to the end user. It solves a problem for the service carrier, but certainly doesn’t deliver any value to the consumer. Long distance is something I can live with. Local ten digit dialing is simply a waste. When I am roaming and I enter into a zone that has some of my contacts in it, I now have to either modify my contact entries or try and remember their 10 digit phone number to dial it, now, without the country code.

Wanted: A phone dialing application on the iPhone that determines the area code I am in (using location services) and appends the area code to the seven digits I dial. If the contact I am trying to dial in my contact list, is not in the same area code as me, append their country code (remember that country field in the contact list?) to their phone number. This way I can roam and just dial 7 digits and let the phone figure out whether I am roaming, calling long distance, whatever. All I have to do is enter in their 10 digits into the contact list one time and have the phone do some smarter dialing.

3 thoughts on “Application Wanted

  1. I love the idea but with the new area code (587) it sounds like it will be used province wide. So a 587 area code could be used for a person and Calgary or Edmonton which means sometimes you’ll need the "1" and sometimes you won’t.

  2. That means that area code is no longer a relevant term. It no longer has ties to "area". It’s just another part of the number. Interesting.

  3. What they should have done is split the province down further instead of just adding more areacodes. Edmonton should have it’s own areacode and anything around or North of Edmonton should be 586/707 same goes for Calgary. I think they could have done a better job, we really didn’t need 10 digit dialing.

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