Alternative to Rogers for Canadian iPhone users?

The unlimited "Access to Rogers Wireless and Fido Hotspots" feature of the Rogers voice and data plans for the iPhone made me think that devices with the ability to access wifi (like the iPhone) really give consumers the ability to change how they deal with their cellular phone providers.

iPhone + fring (free mobile calls via VOIP) + fon (share your wifi with other foneros) = See you later expensive data plans

All you need to pay for is an internet connection and the iPhone device itself.

2 thoughts on “Alternative to Rogers for Canadian iPhone users?

  1. preach!!
    I heard that, I’m conflicted because I"m both a sutomer and an investor in Rogers. So, on one hand I hate the plans ( too much money ) and on the other hand I love the plans ( they’re going to make so much money )
    Eitherway, at least they still allow wifi on the phones ( not that Apple would have it any other way! )
    find free wifi spots from a Wifi Locator on google and know where the free spots are.
    Life is so much better with an iPhone. Word!

  2. fring requires you to have an unlocked phone (not recommended), but TruPhone doesn’t and is downloadable from the AppStore on your iPhone. Sweet!!

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