Business vs. Development and Maintainability Mismatch Impedance

When companies advertise for developers to come in to
write a maintainable application for them they (solely from a business perspective) are often looking for an application to be developed that does what it’s supposed to and comes with little to no maintenance after the fact (for the agilistas out there… "As an
application owner I want to deploy an application that does what it is
supposed to and doesn’t have high cost of ownership after delivery by
requiring full time monitoring/bug fixing staff"). From a development perspective,
we often only think of a maintainable system as code that’s sufficiently
tested to help avoid having changes to a system have cascading effects. I believe that there is a gap in what defines a "maintainable" system and leads to "Maintainability Mismatch Impedance". Certainly the two are related but, certainly, they don’t fully address each others’ needs.

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