Some may find this embarrassing…

I would think it embarrassing if the first recommended fix to installing your product is to uninstall your other products. Thanks Adobe, for that surprise when installing Photoshop CS3.

3 thoughts on “Some may find this embarrassing…

  1. Wait… wait… it gets better. Adobe is willing to take your money any time, day or night, from their online store. If you purchase on a Friday evening and have problems with installation after following their recommendations… yes… you guessed it… wait until normal business hours Monday to Friday to get support (regular support call won’t help you with this and asks you to call technical support during regular business hours).

  2. I don’t recall seeing a list of installation problems this long for many (any?) other product I have ever tried to install, let alone one I paid so much for. Methinks something is amiss.

  3. true true, I experienced a lot of pain when installing CS3 myself. Had to uninstall every single Adobe product ( readers include ). Eventually got it on somehow only to find that photoshop cs3 is now fully dependent on fireworks ( which I do not have ) and dreamweaver to do what ImageReady used to do! I was very disappointed.
    Once I have the time I will start looking into Microsoft products to see what they offer, I’m not sure if the new CS3 mix of Maromedia and Adobe lived up to all the hype!

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