Iteration Length

We had a meeting today where we were discussing how, in the past iteration (2 weeks [10 work days] in duration) we spent the first
5 days trying to understand the scope of what it was we were trying to build and the last 5 days scrambling to cut scope and actually be able to deliver some semblance of business value by the end of the iteration. It was commented, in our retrospective, that we would need as much time to understand what was going on if the scope was even remotely the same for upcoming iterations.

It is my belief that if your team is having difficulty managing the scope of a 2 week iteration, you shouldn’t increase the length of the iteration to accomodate but, rather, drop to a 1 week iteration where you get more practice managing scope and planning for deliveries rather than the opposite.



2 thoughts on “Iteration Length

  1. Is this your first iteration?  The first interation or two are always a bit skewed, so don’t get discouraged.  I’d say stick with two weeks.  I am curious as to how you could accurately pick the tasks for the iteration before you knew the scope and the work involved?  Sometimes it helps to take a day or two before you start an interation for planning puposes and to scope things out.

  2. This is iteration #9. 😦

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