Calgary Code Camp 2007

Another very successful (from my point of view) Calgary Code Camp has come and gone. The venue (the Univertisty of Calgary) was a huge improvement over last year. The rooms were a comfortable temperature and there were loads of seats to handle the increased attendance to this year’s event. Only complaint: Where are the tables and power sources?
Here are my comments on the presentations I attended:
  • I enjoyed the information regarding building in session state into the WCF service. The demonstrations built on top of each other and showed the progession needed to add the different functionalities into the provided service.
  • The delivery of the information was not as strong as his presentation on Linq at last year’s Calgary Code Camp.
  • There seemed a lot of questions regarding WCF itself that made delivering the content, specific to adding additional functionality to your WCF service, more difficult to complete.
  • There was too much content and not enough time for questions crammed into the allocated time, making the presentatin feel rushed.
  • I was very glad to see the Mad Mexican in the presentation. D’Arcy’s ‘The Champ‘ voice is particularly effective!
  • The presentation of the layering the application might have ben more quickly addressed if each of the assemblies were in a single solution (also preferable when you are trying to maintain version consistency across your application).
  • I don’t do a lot of web application development, so I was most interested in seeing the binding of controls to the entities.
  • WOW! Where does this guy make the time to learn all this stuff, conduct training, do consulting, run a consulting company…
  • This presentation inspired me to take a look into this technology.
  • Fairly typical of JP’s presentations, this one was fast paced.
  • Fairy a-typical of JP’s presentations, this one ended on time!! 
  • I really appreciated his position on learning tools like nHibernate in that developers should understand the underpinnings of a tool and understand why it is used to improve what you do.
  • Question: How long will it be before JP encourages JetBrains to integrate their products with VIM and even ditches Visual Studio as an editor (I’d say IDE, but he definitely does not use it as an IDE)?
  • I missed the beginning of this presentation and think that that caused me to not understand most of the purpose of Windsor Container as a product.
  • Steven mentioned he will be putting information about Windsor Container up on his blog. I look forward to learning more.

2 thoughts on “Calgary Code Camp 2007

  1. VIM?  Everyone know that R# should be integrated with  e-macs.  🙂

  2. Great comments on the code camp Jason…for the next time I’m doing the presentation, I’ll definitely be putting it into one solution to avoid the headaches.:)D’Arcy

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