Developing a better developer

I find that I learn development by doing, doing wrong, then fixing, then learning a better way. One example is the use of master pages on my web site. I wanted to learn the new technology, break it, fix it, then figure out a better way. I think that’s why I do so many different prototypes and always seem to have 3-4 pet projects on the go.

JP Boodhoo has posted two of the best posts I have read regarding improving yourself as a developer:
 The real crux of the quest, as I see it, having both discipline and passion. Scott Hanselman‘s recent podcast about Hiring and Interviewing Engineers hit it on the head. You just can’t teach height.
One question I have been asked is what books/resources should a developer use/read to improve. I would put them in this order:

I’d be really interested in seeing other people’s lists. There are tonnes of good developer books/resources out there I haven’t read and the budget for books is looking good this year.


One thought on “Developing a better developer

  1. Totally agree. Don’t be afraid to break stuff. Fixing broken things is one of the best ways to learn.

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