Edmonton .NET User Group Meeting – Feb 22 – JP Boodhoo – Enterprise Design Patterns

I believe that you need to keep challenging yourself and maintain a humility to improve as a developer.
Presentations by JP are ALWAYS high tempo and DEFINITELY challenge you to think/do things different ways. There’s so much to his presentation that you can’t help but feel humbled by the wealth of information that is being fire-hosed in your direction. In tonight’s session I was given some great ideas as to how to improve my code. Here are my top 3:
  • Setter Injection – Though this didn’t directly pertain to the solution of my problem, it gave me an idea as to how to (possibly) "better" implement Passive View with COM Interop by creating a factory method that takes in the view and returns a presenter so that I can implement the more natural feeling Constructor-based Dependancy Injection which, I think, is a better design for non-COM-Clients (I had thought, at first, that a static method on the type might work but remembered that you can’t call static methods in COM clients). Remembering JP‘s mantra of the evening, "All the world’s problems can be solved with another layer of indirection".
  • How to use the Proxy Pattern to apply testable security and caching to a Service Layer
  • Unit of Work – This brief discussion gave me an idea of how to better encapsulate some repetitive processes into my Domain Model instead of having repeated, procedural-style calls in my Service Layer

Attendance for this event was outstanding! I would guess it to be the highest turn-out for any EDMUG meeting in its nearly year-long existance. It’s been really great to see such a strong turn-out and increase in community involvement for this excellent group.


One thought on “Edmonton .NET User Group Meeting – Feb 22 – JP Boodhoo – Enterprise Design Patterns

  1. yes, it was a good meeting I must say. He went deeper into dependency injection after you left.. he’s supposed to upload the code later because there’s no way I could even begin to explain…I’m off to catch up on your blog

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