How I think iPhone affects .NET

Though I don’t own any Apple products (I gave away the iPod shuffle I won at an EDMUG meeting as a Christmas present), I respect the niche that Apple has been able to carve out. It has brainwashed even Windows/.Net developers into believing that Apple can do no wrong.
In any case, I think that the iPhone (name pending), will be a huge boon for the PDA/Cell phone (Smart? Phone) market as devices able to utilize both wifi and the warring factions of CDMA and GSM has been so long in coming it’s painful! The competing products to be coming will be awesome and finally drive more value to the consumer. The thing that I think will have the biggest impact on developers (specifically .NET developers) is that, with a fully-functioning browser as well as a screen in excess of the 3" diagonal that most cell phones give you now, is there any reason to bother learning anything more about .NET Compact Framework? I wonder what this will mean for what has often been the red-headed step-child of .NET development?
One thing I am very excited about is that the iPhone is scheduled to be released in the US in June and my 3 year contract with Telus finally ends in August. The timing couldn’t be better!

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