5 Things you likely don’t (never wanted to?) know about me

 I have been tagged. Here’s 5 things you may not already know about me.
  1. I have 4 mothers.
  2. I love most breeds of dog but don’t want one for my own.
  3. I have received compensation (in the form of both drinks purchased by strangers as well as one-time, gainful employment) for my karaoke "skillz", though the last time I was at karaoke was January 1, 2005.
  4. I prefer to be a passenger in a vehicle.
  5. Though not likely a surprise (being that I am from Edmonton), Wayne Gretzky is the sports figure I most respect. The closest I can claim to having met him is that I once caught a puck, tossed to me during the pre-game warm-up of the 40th NHL All-Star Game. I was standing on the dasher-boards with one hand holding onto the glass. The other hand dropped the puck. Mr. Gretzky never saw me drop the puck and gave it away to someone else. Though disappointing to not have that momento, it is still a special memory.

I don’t think I know 5 bloggers who haven’t already been tagged, so I’ll leave it with me. Suggestions welcomed.


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