Using a D-Link DI-624 wireles router as only a wireless access point

I must preface this entry with a note that I am no networking expert. I know enough to get myself into trouble. I started my home network with Linux firewall using IPTables and using that machine as my gateway/DHCP server. I quickly realized that it was more of an exercise in maintenance than I ever cared to perform on my home network and decided to purchase a DI-604 network appliance to do all this stuff for me.
I have a wired router (D-Link DI-604) acting as my firewall, DHCP server, and gateway. I have a D-Link DI-514 that was acting as my wireless acces point. It worked well (still is working well) but, at 11MBps, any time I was accessing local network resources, that speed left me wanting. I recently purchased a DI-624 for its 108MBps wireless access. I got it all set up properly to allow my DI-604 to continue to do the DHCP and provide the MAC filtering for connected devices. Everything seemed to work except internet access. I found out it was a problem with a DNS setting that is not on my DI-514. I figured I would describe how to set this up and get it working properly.
Start when you initially set up the DI-624 and remove it from th box:
  1. Plug in the DI-624
  2. Search for available networks with your wireless-enabled device and connect to the network called "default"
  3. Use a web browser to connect to and, when prompted for a user name and password enter "admin" and no password. Click Ok.
  4. On the Home tab click the Wireless button.
  5. Enter in a new SSID and click Apply (this is the name the wireless network will appear as when you view available networks)
  6. Optional (though recommended): Click the Tools tab and then the Admin button. Enter in a new password for the Administrator and click Apply.
  7. I am giving the DI-624 a static IP address as it is not ever being turned off… so. Click the Home tab and click the LAN button.
  8. Enter in the IP Address you are going to give the DI-624, enter for the Subnet mask, leave Local Domain Name blank and make sure that DNS Relay is DISABLED (this was the setting causing me the problem with not getting internet access) and click Apply.
  9. Click the Status tab and write down the MAC Address of the LAN (if you are doing MAC filtering on your gateway router, as I am).
  10. Click the Home tab and the DHCP button.
  11. Set DHCP Server to Disabled and click Apply.

You are now done setting up the DI-624. Now connect to the gateway router and set up the MAC filter and static IP address of the wireless router. Connect the DI-624 to the DI-604 router via one of the 4 LAN outlets. You may have to unplug the device and turn it back on to get all the settings to work properly, but it should just work as is. Connect to your DI-624 with your wireless device. You should now be getting network and internet access via your DI-624.

Hope this helps.


9 thoughts on “Using a D-Link DI-624 wireles router as only a wireless access point

  1. Hi there, this is interesting to come upon, as I may be doing something similar to this in the future. I want, however, to have a Linux firewall/gateway computer setup, but have my DI-624 also act as a wireless access point (and possibly have the dhcp from here too?).
    So from your DI-604 (or my linux firewall in the future), did you plug into the WAN port of the DI-624 or just one of the LAN ports?

  2. Port 1 of the Lan ports.

  3. If the first router is wireless (the one securing your local network), can i have it connect wirelessly to the DI-624 and then plug in a computer to the DI-624 for internet access? (basically it would be using the DI-624 as a wireless network adapter) sort of like this. Other computers on network |Cable motem –> Linksey’s Router (wireless) —wireless signal—> DI-624 router —> Computer. | Wireless connection to other computers

  4. This might be available if the routers OS has a bridge mode maybe?

  5. DHCP is not enabled (to my knowledge) on the wireless port so it won’t get an IP address from your other wireless router. I don’t think the scenario you are talking about would work because of that. Essentially what you are doing is trying to make the DI-624 (in this scenario) into a wireless card for your computer. It’s likely simpler to purchase the $20 USB wireless device and plug it into the computer to resolve the problem.

  6. Thank you. This tutorial was very informative. My cousin gave me his old DI-264 to use as an access point and I spent hours trying to find step-by-step instructions on how to turn it into an access point for my parents DSL network. The DNS relay being was the problem. Every other tutorial didn’t mention that. Yours did and now it works. Thank you.

  7. It does not work for wireless. The laptop I tried to connect could not get valid ip address because of DHCP on DI-624 is turned off, and it won’t get ip address from the main router which conncected to port 1 of DI-624. Where is DNS relay setting? I did not find it.

  8. Thanks for this. My 2wire 3600hgv wireless radio stopped working. I was hoping to use my old DI-624 as an AP but needed some help with the setup. I found it here. This will work fine until a replacement 3600 is delivered.

  9. Well it’s now 2015 and this blog helped me out to use my very old but still working well DI-624 as a access point. Thanks!

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