Visual Studio Coding Standards Integration Tool – Code Style Enforcer

At work we use CruiseControl.NET with FxCOP, NUnit, and NCover integrated in. In our IDE’s we make use of TestDriven.NET, and Code Style Enforcer. Code Style Enforcer is a newly released product that integrates directly with Visual Studio 2005 and marks up your code based on failure to comply with coding style rues you set up (based on regular expressions). It uses the DxCore by Developer Express to integrate into Visual Studio. The thing I like most about this product is that I don’t have to use an external tool (like FxCOP) to check code standard rules. It’s right there in your face when you write each line of code. It’s a new product so does not have all the nifty features and rules of FxCOP but it’s absolutely wonderful for all those nagging compliance issues where you can leave some of the more in-depth issues (like specifying IFormatProvider when casting to strings) that you would get with FxCOP. A definite time-saver for those who have to perform code reviews as none of us really have a lot of time available to us to go through a rigorous code review process. All that and the price (today anyway) is FREE!

4 thoughts on “Visual Studio Coding Standards Integration Tool – Code Style Enforcer

  1. where can i download the Devcore, it seems is not available any more, does anyone know when can i download the Deccore?Thanks

  2. Thanks, Jason. I got everything installed. Somehow, I still not able to see any red underline that violates the rule. When I click on VS 2008/DevExpress –Options — Code Standard Rules always empty(nothing get selected) no matter I chose Global Rule or Local Rule. But I do see the Global Rule via launch the Code Style Enforcer Config which has all the default selection.Any ideal? Thanks a bunch.

  3. Tony, For that I’ll have to refer you to Joel, the creator of Code Style Enforcer

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