Edmonton .NET User Group Meeting – September 28

Like him, love him, love him alot, like him slightly, or even (*gasp*) not like him, J.P. Boodhoo is, unarguably, one very talented developer and one of the most passionate (about development practices) presenters you will ever see. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend taking in one of his presentations. If you’re like me, the budget for attendance to most conferences and training courses is unsubsidized and thus beyond your ability to attend.
This evening, J.P. presented on the Model-View-Presenter pattern at the Edmonton .NET Users Group (attendance = FREE. value = high. recommendation = attend!), now separated into the Supervising Controler and Passive View patterns. If you aren’t versed in these patterns, I urge you to read up on them and use them. Thay aren’t complex and are two of the most valuable patterns you will have in your developer-arsenal if you are working to create extensible and maintainable user interfaces.
J.P. has a number of publications available for free on the web (many more than just these can be found on his blog) that I highly recommend:

Thank you for a great presentation J.P.!


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