I have likely mentioned it previously, but I use Subversion as my source code repository for my personal projects. In a previous post, I showed how you can integrate TortoiseSVN into the IDE for free. Scott Bellware recently blogged about an alternative to Ankh called VisualSVN that brings the TortoiseSVN interface directly into Visual Studio. This interested me as I use TortoiseSVN (it’s been the most stable client I have used for Subversion) but have always thought it would be nice to have a better Visual Studio integration than some others I have tried in the past.
So, for the $23 CAD I decided to purchase it. On first inspection, I love it! Integration in a fashion similar to ReSharper, another tool I like and have purchased (I’d love to try CodeSmith, but if I like it there is no way I can afford the license so why put the carrot in front of the horse right?) so it was very comfortable to get used to. Because it simply ports TortoiseSVN into the IDE, it should also be equally stable. The best of both worlds.

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