Edmonton .NET User Group Meeting – June 27 – Jean-Luc David presenting on AJAX/ATLAS

I have yet to use AJAX/ATLAS in any web app I have ever created. I also tend to steer clear of a lot of javascript on the sites I have worked on. The reason is that javascript debugging is often quite painful.
Last night’s presentation was enlightening and reinforcing for me. It was enlightening in that I was able to get a tertiary glimpse into the AJAX world and saw some things I really liked and will be implementing on my site. The other part I thought was wonderful was to see that even those who are industry experts have difficulty in the same areas that I tend to fall victim from.
The presentation’s content was excellent. There were some technical trip-ups that I thought Jean-Luc could have moved past to get to the point of his presentation, but this proved two things: 1) We can all have situational things happen to us when we are presenting that will cause us to have difficulties (how often have you heard, "this worked when I was testing it before"); and 2) That even technical experts have difficulties with some of these things. This gives me reassurance that even they are real people and should not be elevated to the cultural icons that we often try and lift them up to. It’s too much pressure and unrealistic. They’re people too. This is one of the reasons I love DotNetRocks so much. You get to hear industry leaders speak their peace in an informal situation (even less formal, often, than a seminar presentation). You hear about them having the same sorts of issues that you do and see the very human side of these people.
So, kudos to Jean-Luc for the persistence he showed in the presentation. His goal was to present a working solution and he put in more effort than many would in trying to achieve that goal. His heart is truly in the right place!

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