The winds of change…

I will be completing the series of code samples I have been writing on unit testing design patterns but was finding that I was spending more time marking up the html than I was writing the code. Time to automate! I took some time this past weekend to write a small application to help make migrating my code from source code to html a simpler and quicker process. I have a couple of features left to implement, but when I finish that (in the next couple of days) I expect to complete that series and have some more code samples up on the web in short order. Necessity really IS the mother of invention!

One thought on “The winds of change…

  1. nice J.. what are you thinking of? a nice VS add-in? Lets do it together I need a project.. anyway I heard of this tool:
    in case u just want to get the job done.. drawbacks is you have to be online. but it seems pretty clean

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