I run Subversion on my Fedora Core file server at home and access it through Apache and WebDAV (to have a common URI to access it anywhere within my network without needing a file share). It took me the most time to figure out how to get the Apache components up and running, but once completed, everything worked lickety-split. It seems that the discussion of a person’s favored SCM (Source Control Management) system comes up here and there. Just recently I found it interesting that Sam Gentile was so utterly frustrated with Visual Source Safe (VSS) that he switched his team to Subversion. I have been asked why I don’t run Subversion on one of my Windows machines and, to be honest, I just never bothered. The package was there and easy to install on my Linux box, I never bothered with trying to find a Windows installer. James Higgs, though, has invested a lot of time porting a VSS database to Subversion and put up a lot of great information on how he did this on his blog. Well worth a read.

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