Using NCover with .Net 2.0

I was able to get NCover up and running properly last night. I learned a couple of things that I thought I might note.
  1. NCover only seems to produce output if it is in the same folder as the assemblies you are profiling.
  2. If you don’t compile your assembly(ies) with their debug symbols, NCover isn’t able to instrument and profile it (them).
  3. Though I didn’t test the feature myself, it has been noted inthe NCover forums that if you are profiling with NUnit and don’t specify the /noshadow parameter, NCover doesn’t produce output.
  4. CoverLib.dll (shipped with NCover) is a COM library that requires registration in the registry for NCover to work properly (regsvr32 CoverLib.dll). This is performed if you install NCover on your machine, but (obviously) not if you are only including the executable and assemblies in your repository.

This posting by Peter Waldschmidt (creator of NCover), seems to address the first three issues listed above. Another posting, again by Peter Waldschmidt, addresses the forth.

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