Visual Studio 2005 and Code Coverage

I have been writing unit tests for my .Net 2.0 pet projects in Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 for some time now. I took the next step and put my unit tests to the test by using the code coverage tool.
I found a blog entry by Eric Jarvi that discussed the color scheme used when reviewing the code coverage report and a short screencast on Channel 9 were good introductions of Microsoft’s answer to nUnit and nCover. The most direct explanation of the color scheme, that I have found, is in a blog post by Dave Donaldson.
By the way, I was surprised that it showed I only had 69% coverage in my existing tests. The nice thing is that I have been able to beef up the testing and now have 99.26% coverage. This tool definitely showed me areas I wouldn’t have thought to cover in tests and, I feel, has been a source of improvement for my coding.

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