Wireless PC Lock

    Curiosity finally got the best of me and I ordered the wireless pc lock.
    I have been looking into writing code to control a USB IrDA device that uses only native Windows DLLs. This lead me to look further into using P/Invoke. I was pretty excited when I stumbled across an article on Coding 4 Fun that rewrote the software for the wireless, USB security lock device that also only uses native windows DLLs.
    I just had to get one! It came last night. I stayed up far too late last night downloading the source code, getting the application working, and dreaming up new plug-ins. It’s really piqued my interest to continue working on that USB IrDA application again.

2 thoughts on “Wireless PC Lock

  1. Does it work? Did you get it to function?

  2. Works great!

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