Professional .Net – Edmonton

I attended a meeting of the Edmonton .Net Users Group last night. I felt that the group is something that needs support to flourish. I will continue to attend and contribute to their site (which they have now decided to switch to a wiki), but have decided to start something up that I hope will be a little more focussed to professionals working in the industry. Enter Professional .Net – Edmonton. I am not certain where this will go in the first while, but a few friends and myself have committed to at least giving it a little effort to see if we can make it into something viable and seen as providing value for our members.
  My vision would be to see this group allow distributed people, who can not attend meetings, or would like to read previous discussion minutes, to attend/view what has been discussed. I would love to see this turn into a resource for people to learn from one another and enable people to set up a method to network in Edmonton. We’ll see what comes of it as I certainly do not claim to be the sole driving force, though I do intend to be a driving force to keep things moving. Let’s see what we can make of it.

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